Must. Post!

I keep forgetting to keep this thing up to date.
Well, let's get to the update.

The house has been stripped. Everything we're taking to our new house has been packed up and is now on it's way to California. Because that's where we're going. Loong ways away. At least all out stuff will be there when he show.
Oh! And National Novel Writing Month has started again! So happy. I was planning on writing a sequel to my first book I finished last year, Dream of Fairyland, but then decided to start a new book. This one is a bit more depressing. I'm killing characters >:D Mean, I know. But that's how it's gonna work. The title is Red Magic and here is the link to my NaNo Page which I'll be putting on my sidebar with my deviantART link :D go check it out!
Well, that's all I can think of for now. If I come up with anything else, I'll let you know.

It's naked! D:

Holy freaking crap.
It's gone.
Everything is gone.
It is near totally naked.
My poor, poor room.
All I have left in my room is:
My bed; my pillow; two blankets; my desk; my computer; my purse; my dresser that acts as my third wall; my bag for the road-trip and NekoCon*; my chair; three paintings; the garland of fake cherry blossoms on my west wall; my dream catcher; and a few need-to-have odds and ends.
It's naked.
I used to have posters; nick-knacks; little boxes; big boxes; toys; junk I didn't acutally need; wonderful things! And now there is so little. It is so plain. I am saddened D:
But the upside is: th mess isn't so big anymore; I have more room; the room all my junk is going into is going to have a real fourth wall and a door. And a closet. Like, a real closet. I haven't have a closet in five years. And even then, I had to share it. Along with the fourth wall and the door. So, I'm stoked, but sad. It feels so lonely and plain in my room. But it does feel bigger now....

*Oh! NekoCon! NekoCon is an anime confrence that is held once a year on either the first or second weekend of November. Thankfully, this year it's the first, so I can go! I'll post a little more about it later when the time comes :D

I shalt bring you back to life!!!

This blog is dead.
And the spam.
Oh god the amount of spam on this thing!
I will need to clean it out.
That'll take a while XP

Well, let me tell you the reason I'm bringing this ratty old thing back to life: I'm moving. Yep, moving. Totally moving AAALLLL the way across the country. On the total opposite side. And up a couple miles or so. Oh goodness this is going to be all kinds of epic.
But what spurred this post was the utter and sad realization, that I'm am going to miss all my friends and family here oh so dearly. I mean, I was crying over it D:
Not a happiness.
Not at all.
So I decided I would start posting again and redo the blog a little. Clean out all the godforsaken spam, change everything around a bit, just to liven the place back up.
And I'm moving in the second week of November! So that means I'm going to be writing my NaNoWriMo novel while I move! In the car! Because we're driving! With two cats and a dog! Just total amazingness right there, right?
Yeah, that's what I was thinking too.
So.... Yeahh....
That's all for this post, but stay tuned! Who knows what'll come up next ;]